Fun stuff

Miscellaneous projects I've done on the side...keep an eye out for new additions!

My most viral video — about 7000 loops on Vine. 
The 7 Types of People on Your SF Rec League Team 
(published on The Bold Italic in 2015)
Illustration credit Molly Johnson
Improved wayfinding for tourists at Golden Gate Bridge
Every day, hundreds of tourists take the bus to and from the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately for them, the 28 bus line stops in the same exact spot no matter which direction it's going. This leads to endless confusion, delayed boarding as visitors ask the driver for help. and surely many tourists dropped off far from where the want to go. To help, I created a map to help them navigate to common tourist destinations and posted it on a pole near the stop (sadly it was taken down quickly).
T-shirt designs (on right; 404 is my home area code)
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